November 2014

Good evening, officers. Yes, you can come in. Sorry about the mess and all; things have been crazy here. No, nothing unusual. Just crazy. Yeah, go ahead and sit there. Yeah, I’ve heard about what happened. Terrible shame, that. Yeah. Where was I that night? Let me see… Ah… I was home. Yes, I was home. Just home. No, I didn’t know her. Yeah, I saw her around. Hard to miss what with all the red and such, but I didn’t know her. No, I didn’t feel any urges. Yeah, she was good looking; she wasn’t shy about it. She had that tank top she always wore. Neckline lower than the Canadian dollar. If she didn’t wear a bra, you knew right away. You knew. And the skirt. Yeah, she must have cut that thing down herself. As far as I know, they don’t sell them that short. Not even in the seedy places. Not that I know about the seedy places. I’m just saying. Yes, I’m sure I didn’t feel any urges. You just notice these things when you pass her every day, you know? It’s not really my fault for looking. It’s only natural. Do I think other actions are natural? Huh. Well, I suppose certain urges are–but I didn’t have any! Don’t you forget that. But, yeah, urges. Perfectly natural. I saw other guys check her out, too. You watch closely as you walk down the hall, and you’ll see them craning their necks for one last peek at her ass. She never seemed to mind, what with those skirts she wore and whatnot. If she didn’t want people to see it, she wasn’t doing a very good job, you know what I’m saying? She didn’t take… precautions. It’s like leaving your wallet on your front porch. Sure, no one has the right to take it, but that doesn’t mean you’re smart for leaving it out there where any bum off the street could grab it. Yes, I do think she would be asking for it. Do I think she’d… like it? Wow… I don’t know. I’m not her. Well, would she really put out like that if she wasn’t interested to some extent? I mean, I don’t think anyone really… you know… Well, maybe. I don’t know. I think she would. Those guys in the halls certainly would. Hell, anyone would. What? Did I say something wrong?


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