Check out my work in video production. What follows is a list of what I believe to be my most polished work in the field of visual media.

Last Home Game follows the Drake University Women’s Basketball Team through their emotional final game of the 2014-2015 athletic season. Shooting this piece was tricky, as the event staff would not allow tripods on the wood, but this setup forced me to be meticulous about how I got every shot.

Nerf Gun Record provides an up-close look at the breaking of a world-record in action as hundreds of Drake University students attempt to shatter the record for world’s largest Nerf gun fight. Finding good shots in a dark, crowded environment was very difficult, but meticulous editing provided the solution.

Ted Cruz Town Hall emerged from my desire to cover something off of my university’s campus and engage a wider community audience. A presidential candidate happened to be in town at just the right time, so I got the chance to rub elbows with the professionals for a night. Strangely, the hotel at which Cruz spoke did not provide a mult box for me to plug my camera into, but the final result still sounds good enough for broadcast.

Taekwondo provided the perfect opportunity to practice capturing and editing matched action, as the repeated movements involved in learning the techniques proved most useful to this end.

Court Avenue Pole Vault was quite possibly the most fun I had covering any event and remains my favorite piece to date. The exciting atmosphere, vibrant colors, and great sequences really made this piece shine in my opinion.

Pecha Kucha: The ‘U’ Is Silent represents a departure from my previous work in TV and internet news production and a move towards short-form documentary production. Shot and edited in a matter of days, this piece showcases my love of telling stories, the more unusual, the better.


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