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Kyle Stratton is a Radio Television Producing and Writing student with a passion for telling great stories in a creative and engaging manner. He currently studies at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

Originally hailing from the Quad Cities, Kyle relocated with his family to Des Moines at a young age. It was there that he discovered a love for storytelling through the arts, frequenting movie theaters and music clubs all around the metro. Over the years, he dabbled in creative writing and composing, but it was not until after graduating from Waukee High School in 2013 that he made his first public move into his craft.

At Drake University, he cut his teeth at 94.1 The Dog, producing a weekly jazz program entitled The Nightclub which consistently garnered high praise from fellow disc jockeys and university faculty alike. Additionally, he joined the university’s Creative Services team where he helped produce in-house, online, and televised broadcasts of Drake sporting events including the Drake Relays, the largest student-run broadcast in the nation.

When not behind a camera or microphone, Kyle spends his time playing baritone saxophone with Wind Ensemble, learning basic web design, and geeking out over cartoons (Steven Universe is his current favorite). He expects to graduate in May of 2016, at which time he hopes to pursue a career that allows him to continue his love of storytelling professionally.

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